In music class, we have the opportunity to learn about and grow in our understanding of a variety of musical concepts- the elements of music (rhythm, form, pitch, dynamics, timbre, etc.), musical notation, singing & instrument technique, musical expression, performance skills, folk songs, instruments of the orchestra, composers, styles and eras of music, and much more!

As important as all of that is, my primary focus for students is to grow closer to God, to understand ourselves and others better, to develop a love of learning, and to expose each student to the many ways music can improve the quality of their life.

Starting this year, we also get the honor of proclaiming the word of God through song while leading music for Mass. We will learn about why we sing at Mass, how to pray while singing, and how singing in church can be similar or different to how we sing for concerts, in class, or at home.

Music class is unique in that almost everything is a group activity, so we get to practice many skills such as collaboration, patience, and empathy each time we meet!

Some examples of what we may do in a typical music class include:

  • Playing games
  • Using our imagination
  • Dancing & moving to music or creative prompts
  • Composing or arranging our own music
  • Listening carefully to music and talking about what we notice
  • Singing songs (action, echo and/or call and response songs, rounds, etc.)
  • Learning a variety of instruments (Recorders, guitars, drums, xylophones, etc.)

As you can see, we stay very busy! If you ever have any questions about the music program or my approach to teaching music, please reach out via email- I would love to connect with you and talk to you about all the wonderful things your child is doing in class!