Points for Parents

Parent/School Partnership
“Points for Parents” Program

Family Points Requirement – 100 Points per School Year

See below for points listing

The Saint John Vianney Catholic School “Points for Parents” program is designed to encourage parents/guardians to become involved in the education process of their children. The SJV School Board has made every effort to include components that can be utilized by working parents as well as parents at home. This document is always open to revisions and the SJV School Board would welcome positive suggestions for adding components that are School Related for potential inclusion. Listed below are some of the basic rules for the “Points for Parents” program. The SJV “Points for Parents” program is for families with students in grades K-6.

  • Only Parents/Guardians/Grandparents can earn points for the family. Students and siblings cannot earn points.
  • Only completed activities will be awarded points. Merely signing up for a component does not generate points.
  • Any activity/component not listed must have School Board approval before being included in the “Points for Parents” program.
  • Each family is responsible for entering their own components as completed in the master book in the office. Enter only the task completed and the hours spent. Do not enter the points. The chairperson will enter the point values for all activities.
  • Each family must pro-actively search out components that they can utilize to generate their points.

Please obtain an “official” copy of the points listings from the school office.